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Levante (real name Claudia Lagona) was born May 23, 1987 in Caltagirone in Catania province. Just that Catania 80s is considered the Italian Liverpool. City awash with music that gave birth to bands like Denovo Madonia Brothers and Mario Venuti. Artists then had a solo career, always with excellent quality. City that gave birth also to Carmen Consoli, coming and tied in a certain sense the same strain of music. The music has always been the center of gravity in the life of the Levant. "I started singing as a child," says the same Sun, "like all children improvised melodies...
A roots rock duo from New Jersey. They remind me of The Everly Brothers covering BoDeans' songs. They have two albums thus far: 1995 - Long About That Time 1997 - Postcards From Along The Way One of the two Delevante brothers, Bob Delevate, has two solo albums out: 1999 - Porchlight 2006 - Columbus And The Colossal Mistake .
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Sober In Spain
Quiro Imaginar
Levante o Som Camelô (Ao Vivo)
Levante a Cabeça
Lucena y Levante
Hoy Me Levante
Que Levante la Mano
Levante / Amapola
Tempestade - Levante o Guarda Chuva
Que Levante las Manos Mas Borrachos
Al Ver Que Levante el Dedo
Levante o Som Camelô
Levante as Mãos Para o Céu
Me Cai Pero Me Levante
Cómo Te Voy a Olvidar / Qué Levante la Mano
Me Levante (feat. Axton the Moneymaker)
Levante as Mãos Pro Céu
Levante as Mãos Para o Céu
Me Levante Pensando en Ti
Me Levanté Pensando en ti
Levante Little Susie
Me Levante el Secreto
Levante e Resplandeça
Levante a Cabeça
Levante o Dedo Aí
Levante O Moicano
Levante a Mão
Levante a Mão Ai
Levante Seus Punhos
Que Levante La Mano
Me Levante Con Gana
Sestri Levante
Que Levante la Mano
Que Levante la Mano
Que Levante la Mano
Que Levante la Mano
Que Levante a Mão