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Paola stands for more than one female artist. 1) Paola Bruna (previously Paola Åhlund), a swedish singer, DJ, that also works with art. Her song Interstellar Love was on snowboard film: Follow Me Around by Mack Dawg Productions. Her first and so far only album is titled "Stockcity Girl". She first gained notoriety when she was featured on the Teddybears STHLM song "Yours to keep". 2) Paola, a Greek artist from Sikia Chalkidikis.. 3) Paola Felix-del Medico (* 5. October 1950 in St. Gallen, Schwitzerland), singer and TV moderator, married with TV moderator Kurt Felix. They were a popular moderator...
Paola & Chiara are two sisters born in Milan, Italy. Before joining the pop band 883/Max Pezzali in 1995-1997 they had their own group "Elefunky". One of the sisters appeared on the Videos of the Italian singer Laura Pausini. Later the manager of the band 883 saw the sisters play in one of the clubs in Milan signed them to the band and later their solo career started in 1997 when 883 and Paola & Chiara parted. At the end of the 1997, the sisters won the New-Artist category for the song Amici Come Prima at the Sanremo Festival. After...
Italian pop singer Paola Turci made her live debut at San Remo's Festival in 1986, two years later making her first record, called Ragazza Sola Ragazza Blu. The artist breakthrough came in 1989 when her song "Bambini," included in her self-titled album, became a huge success. In 1993 the artist released Ragazze, followed by 1995's Una Sgommata E Via and 1996's Volo Cosi. That same year, Paola Turci moved from BMG to WEA, recording her second smash, a song called "Mi Manchi Tu," based on John Waite's "Missing You." .
Name: Danna Paola Rivera Munguía Date of Birth: June 23, 1995 City: Mexico D.F. Country: Mexico Sign: Cancer Father: Juan José, singer of the group "Ciclón y los caminantes" Siblings: older Sister Vania Favorite sport: swimming Pets: dogs Toy, Rocky and Dixy Other facts: she sang to Pope when he was in Mexico and also was a host at Mexico Nickelodeon Awards Occupation: actress, singer Resides: México, D.F. FILMOGRAPHY: "Pablo y Andrea" (2005) Telenovela .... Andrea "Contra viento y marea"(2005) Telenovela .... Natalia as a child "Amy la nina de la mochila azul" (2004) Telenovela .... Amy Granados "De pocas,...
Karen Liecelotte Bejarano Flowers (Santiago, Chile, on February 9, 1985), more known as Karen Paola, Chilean singer and ex-member of the juvenile space of the channel of Megavision, Mekano, current juror of his successor Yingo. In June, 2007, Karen Paola would be invited by Mekano's production to taking part in the last week of the program, but she refused. The same week was present at the program of Chilevisión's cajolement, The First Plane, which provoked discomfort in the driver of the juvenile space, Jose Michael Viñuela, due to the fact that the great majority of them ex-members of it's program...
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Ti amerò lo stesso
Stato di calma apparente
Volo cosi
Paloma negra
Lasciami credere
Ti amerò lo stesso
Tous Le Jours
Come eravamo
Una Sgommata E Via (Remix)
L'inverno senza la neve
Quasi settembre
Tu non dici mai niente
Fiore in giardino
Volo così
Questa parte di mondo
Lungo il fiume
Troppo occidentale
40 soldati 40 sorelle
La tua voce
Il gigante
Adoro i tramonti di questa stagione
Ringrazio dio
Stai qui
Volo così
Dimentichiamo tutto
Ti amerò lo stesso
L'uomo di ieri
Dove colpire
Ti amerò lo stesso (Live)
Lasciami Credere
Lungo il fiume (Live)
L'uomo di ieri (Live)
L'uomo di ieri
Adoro I Tramonti Di Questa Stagione
Adoro i tramonti di questa stagione (Live)
L'inverno senza neve
Cosa sarà (Live)
Volo così (Live)
Voltaire (Live)