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"We started this on a whim and as our songs grew in scope we wished the instruments we were imagining could be part of the aural equation. Our choir may soon become a little more apt as we extend our numbers. So be what we may and may we be what we will." - from their myspace. Rialto Decibel Choir is Ashleigh Culpitt and James Harcourt. They are based in Brisbane, Australia and borrow elements of Cat Power, partnered with Male/Female contrast in very textured lyrics and Story-telling. .
Rialto were a Britpop band of the late 1990s in the UK and known as that unlucky band who were dropped twice from East West Records. The band grew from the Oxygen/MCA Records act Kinky Machine that featured singer Louis Eliot (pictured, second from right) and Johnny Bull (pictured, far right). They released their first album, Rialto in 1998, and their second, Night on Earth in 2002. Their most famous single is their debut, 'Monday Morning 5:19'. However the single 'Untouchable' charted higher at number 20 in the UK. Jonny Bull has recently been co-writing songs with singer/songwriter Lily Allen...
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Saturday Night at the Rialto
Rialto Ripples
Quesionable (feat. C Nova)
Baby Please
Story Bout Me
If I Never See You Again (It'll Be Too Soon)
In the 3 We Trust
How Far We Came
Rialto Bridge (With Harp and Fireplace Ambience)
Rialto Bridge
Right Now (feat. Fatboy Jesus & Tha Loc)
California, New Old Times Together
Fedz Watchin (feat. C Nova)
Rialto Bridge (With Harp and Nature Ambience)
Es fielen Rosen von der Rialto
The Bridge At Rialto (Venesia)
Il Mercato Di Rialto
Il Mercato Di Rialto
Rialto Ripples
Sotto il Ponte di Rialto
Rialto Street
Rialto Ripples
Are U Ready...?!?!
Are U Ready...?!?!
Island Of weed
The Garage Is a Little House for Your Vehicle
Rialto Bridge (With Oceanside Ambience)
Tico Tico / Rialto Ripples (Petit Allegro)
Ponte Di Rialto
Rialto Bridge (With Harp and Fireplace Ambience)
Rialto Ripples, by Gershwin and Donaldson
Rialto Bridge