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There are several acts by the name of Disturbed; 1) Well-known American hard rock band with lead singer David Draiman, formed in 1996, with several albums including The Sickness (Giant/Reprise 2000), Believe (Giant/Reprise 2002), Ten Thousand Fists (Reprise, 2005), Indestructible (Reprise, 2008), Asylum (Reprise, 2010), and Immortalized (Reprise, 2015). 2) Late 80's American Thrash band who released the album Disturbing the Peace in 1988; formed by Earl Root in 86/87 and disbanded in 92/93 before his death in 2008. 3) 70s UK punk band 4) OC ReMixer Mark Dillon 5) hard house Also see The Disturbed 1) Disturbed was formed...
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The Disturbed is a punk band from Glasgow, Scotland formed in 1983 and split up in 1989 . Not to be confused with nu metal band Disturbed. The Disturbed released about 7 demos, one solo EP - "This Is.... Credibility ", a split EP with UK punk band 36 Crazy Fist, as well as several comp appearances. They were featured in Ian Glasper's latest book Trapped in A Scene. Harvey McGurn (Ex-Last Rites) - Vocals Barry - Bass Johnny - Guitar Jamie - Drums .
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Do It, Pt. 1
Anyway Run (Electrosoul System Rework)
Nothing Better Than The Hardfloor
Keep the Motion
Lenny Sell Diamond
The Way To Nowere
Возраст свободы
Со мной
Дай мне поверить
Больно падать
Piles of Gold
Some Words
Корабли моей любви
Make Your Life Stronger
Acts vs Lives
Mental Sanity
Control & FX
What We Are
The Gang
Little Man
Behind Your Smile
The Most Terrifying Fight
Иногда мне кажется
Super Fantastic Easy Sex
Toil to the Top
Believe in Your Own Truth
Playing Games