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There's 2 groups called Bars: 1) Introducing… BARS, formed by individuals steeped in hardcore/punk history, the band has offered up an album that is a stripped-down, sonic onslaught. The debut is laden with a pissed-off rock n’ roll swagger that is as pummeling as it is catchy. Regardless of perspective or expectations, Bars make rock n’ roll, and make it explode. Formed in the summer of 2002 the Boston quintet pooled their influences and channeled them into a raw, focused outlet absent of gimmicks or facades. After a few rehearsals and in between touring schedules (of Give up the Ghost,...
Far-out swirling indie psych pop is at the core of The Color Bars' gooey center, while neat-o harmonies are the uber-tasty sprinkles on top. The Color Bars are all fun and excitiement and with their debut album, Making Playthings, the band has started infecting kids everywhere with their sort of happy-go-lucky pop gems. The sound of the Seattle trio is a tantalising mixture of the fun, frivolity and vocal sound of the Beach Boys, mixing in the poignancy and seriousness of The Rolling Stones with the sheer mystery and wackiness of The Flaming Lips. .
Bars of Gold is a band featuring ex-members of the now-defunct Michigan band Bear Vs. Shark, as well as members of the band Wildcatting. They formed following the dissolution of Champions of History, another post-BVS band. They played their first show March 21st, 2009 in Ypsilanti, Michigan at the Screaming Eagle. .
Barsha was a rap artist from Brooklyn, NY who released 1 album through Bum Rush Records in the early 90's entitled "Barsha's Explicit Lyrics". The late 80s/early 90s era of hip-hop was a world of fast breaks and beats, and a message largely focused on self-aggrandizement - conquests of women, ruling the streets, and busting the chops of "sucka emcees". Hip-hop had its share of mainstream successes by that time, but they were clearly the exception, and not the rule. New York was the center of the hip-hop scene, and First Priority Music was ready to make a move. Armed...
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Mumbai Nights
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Ain't Got You
Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)
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Всему вино виной
Waiting For The Sun
Ты - ночь
Secret Diary
Shape of You
Thousand Years
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Dans les bars le soir
Life Is What You Make It
Junkie Candy Bars
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Open Treble Jig 48 Bars 73
Open Hornpipe 40 Bars 113
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Who's Got Bars? (S2 E3)
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