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There are at least 3 bands called Sperma: 1.) Formed in the late 70s, SPERMA was one of the best known punk rock bands from Zürich, Switzerland. They had 4 releases on Another Swiss Label and their songs were included in various compilations including Killed By Death #7 and Bloodstain Across Switzerland. 2.) Japanese Metal band active from 1983-1997. (a/k/a スペルマ) 3.) Cybergrind/Pornogrind project formed in 2008 from Bogota, Colombia. .
Hailing from the unlikely industrial locale of Arkansas, sonic scientist James Esper http://www.last.fm/user/james_esper toiled quietly away in his laboratory for many years carefully crafting a mixture of jackhammer EBM basslines, soaring synth-pop melodies, and punchy club rhythms. "Dying Life", a 10 track album produced by Assemblage 23's Tom Shear was unleashed on an unsuspecting world when Espermachine joined Assemblage 23 as support for their 2012 US Bruise tour. Espermachine now resides in Pittsburgh, PA and has recently completed the self produced "Into Bronze" 10 album in 2014. .
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Sperma evoluto
Setetes Sperma
Super Sperma
Lo sperma del diavolo
игрок с ником SPERMA
Игрок с ником SPERMA
Sperma Konohi
Sperma Gesicht
Игрок с ником SPERMA
игрок с ником SPERMA
Ultra Cum (Ultra Sperma Zabijarna)
Игрок С Ником Sperma
игрок с ником SPERMA
Биг герл кам
што блять
Lo sperma del diavolo
Catharsis of Sperma (DJ Sak Remix)
Я сошла с ума
Snoop Dogg
Love Love
Torture to Penetrate Be My Cock
Слова как грусть
B9 Bombs
Sperma Beat \_(^-^)_/
Achtung, Sperma
Caos final
Broken Ass
fucking nigger rape dick
Aspect Grind