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Wehrmacht is a U.S. band from Portland, Oregon, which was formed in the mid-1980s. While they were influenced by the likes of Slayer, Van Halen, Kiss, and various punk/hardcore bands, they played speed metal. This was accomplished for the most part by drummer Brian Lehfeldt's technical proficiency and speed in conjunction with guitarist Marco Zorich's fast alternately picked, muted E-string. Marco could take the most sedate country/western (or Kiss) chord/riff, turn it upside-down, "blurr it" and turn it into an intense riff. While Marco played extremely fast rhythm, Wehrmacht's other guitarist, John Duffy, brought a fluid lead style. His not...
There are more artists using this name: 1) Nachzehrer. Rising from the pits of Boston, MA in 2009, NACHZEHRER plays raw black metal combined with black thrash speed and aggression. In 2010 they put out the four song demo "Black Thrash Ritual" as a limited tape release on Massachusetts-based label Reaper's Grave, followed up by the 2011 EP "Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows" as a split-label release on Demons Gate Records/Tombs in the Valley Productions from the UK. They have shared the stage with Destroyer 666, Enthroned, Evoken, Nocturnal, Midnight, Impiety, Abazagorath, Absu and many more, unleashing a chaotic assault...
Lars Behrenroth, DJ since 1986, Producer, Remixer and Radio show host since 1996 relocated in 2004 from Hamburg, Germany to Los Angeles, CA. He is known to many people as the host of several radio shows (‘House Sound of Hamburg’ on Evosonic Radio and Streetsound NYC (’97-’99) / ‘Global House Connection’ on online stations Cyberradio,, etc. with syndication on in Turkey & Sarajevo / ‘3rd Street Sessions’ on CyberJamz Radio and ‘Deeper Shades of House’ on XM Radio in the US & Canada and formerly JAM FM, Germany). As a remixer for artists incl. Q-Burns Abstract Message feat....
Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind is a black metal band from Cologne, Germany formed in 1995 by Bradhenr. The bandname is German for ‘The dead return with the wind’. Lyrical themes surround concepts such as war, darkness, destruction and satanism. Discography: 2004 – Verarbeitung eines Schmerzes 2005 – Am Ufer des Sees 2006 – Stille 2007 – Blut 2010 – Ich träume von Finsternis 2013 – Ein Wanderer .
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Ali Drecksau
Warte Germane
Gegrilltes Fleisch
Was Habt Ihr Getan?
Ab in den Ofen
Odins Erben
Kein Freund von...
Kanacken Raus
Arische Musik
Kein Mensch
Macht Und Ehre Der Nation
Macht und Ehre
Macht und Ehre
Macht und Ehre der Nation
Torsten Koch
Die Flamme
Noch schlägt das Herz
Fur das Volk
Viel Feind, viel Ehr
Noch einmal
10. Macht und Ehre
Unser Kampf
Rote Flagge
01. Die Order
Macht Und Ehre
Er War Im Recht
Macht & Ehre
Die Fahne voran
Falsche Menschlichkeit
Er war im Recht
Mein Russenfreund
Volkssturm '93
Gejagd in Trümmern
02. Die Zeit lдuft
Deutsche Musik
Volk Steh Auf
Chaos in der Welt
Wollen sie Ärger ? (K.D.F.)
Arische Musik