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The band was formerly known as Kroizfoier and it was formed in 1991. in Germany as Oi/RAC band. In 1994. they changed musical style to Black Metal and name to Kreuzfeuer. Kreuzfeuer released five full-length albums, with last being released in 2000. In 2010. Kreuzfeuer released split-EP with Polish Pagan Metal band Graveland as a tribute to Conan the Barbarian movie and its soundtrack. .
Sarah Kreuz (born July 27, 1989 in Bergheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) is a German singer. She got famous as the runner-up of the sixth season of Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar in 2009. .
The Cistercian monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz are an order of Catholic monks that live in the heart of Vienna. While monks in many monasteries chant, Heiligenkreuz is particularly proud of its singing, which has been honed over years by one of the monks, who used to direct choirs in Germany. In 2008, the order gained considerable attention for the major label release of a CD of Gregorian chant, called Chant: Music for the Soul. The monks stress that they are not looking to become pop stars or the next Backstreet Boys, but the money they will receive for the CD...