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NOISE is basically what makes Christof Becu, an artist from the city of Bruges (Belgium). Since 2009 began in experimental music, and particularly on the mixture of the two extremes and AMBIENT NOISE. FOr aside their tracks are influenced by the harsh-noise, japanoise, wall, etc. ... and on the other by the ambient, drone and doom ven. The resulado is excellent and has already published 15 albums, most of them for free download from the beginning. He has also edited works shared with other projects NOISE: To-Bo, Marax, Rovar 17, Exclamation Point, Sleep of Ages, Body 13, Caelicus Pugna, etc.....
Wang inc. appeared on the music market with his first 12” on Sonig called Plastic/Metal. It was year 1999 and this 12” is part of the music revolution that Matmos and Dr. Rockit made to dance music introducing “concrete” sounds to the beats. After this Wang inc. has made 2 albums: the first on Bip-Hop and the second on Working with Context has brought him back to his first love: dance music with lots of experiments. Right now he appears on italian label Persistencebit. Now behind his techno productions Wang inc. plays in the (post-post-post)rock band Ende and collaborates...
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Netherworld Water
Sweet Home, Go!
Wang Wen - Homeland Accent
Homeland Accent
Lost in 21st Century
Homeland Accent
红墙黑墙 / Red Wall and Black Wall
归零 / Reset
少年宫 / Children
黄泉水 / Netherworld Water
Homeland Accent
Gone Library
Gone Library
Ninja Tiger
Painful Clown
Wild Fire
Rain Watcher
Ninja Tiger
Painful Clown
Lonely God
Sewage pond
The Last Journey
Northern North 北方向北
Angelo's Portrait
Lonely God
Close View
Lonely God
To the Mars
Ten Thousand Buddhas
Absent Minded Theme
Большая Медведица
Lonely God
Escape from Mother Universe
Polluted Pool
06. Dionysus
5th track from L&R
Dragon in the Pool