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Tom Dice (born Tom Eeckhout in Eeklo, Belgium on 25 November 1989) is a Belgian singer-songwriter, who finished second in the Flemish version of The X Factor in 2008 and represented Belgium in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest where he became 6th with 143 points (Germany won with 246 points). Dice learned to play the guitar as a child, began songwriting in his early teens and at the age of 15 joined band The Dice, using Tom Eeckhout Dice as his stage name. In 2008 he entered the Flemish X Factor and, with Maurice Engelen as his vocal coach, finished...
Every so often a DJ or producer comes along who inspires the collective imagination. If you’ve seen Loco Dice perform at his ten-year-long Tribehouse residency in his hometown Düsseldorf, or at DC-10 in Ibiza (from ’02-’06), you will have clicked to this. Loco Dice is someone who can puzzle together intangible moods with a direct approach. Via his DJ sets or his productions on labels like Minus, Cadenza, Ovum, Four Twenty and Cocoon, he merges perspectives in his delicate sense for sounds and reflective atmospheres, underpinned with solid, physical grooves inspired by the hip hop that was his early sonic...
Orphidice explores music in the worlds of ambient, electronic, progressive, and many other areas of experimental music. From influences such as Bass Communion, Brian Eno, David Sylvian, Boards of Canada and Tangerine Dream, the music of Orphidice finds a space between all of these. .
Formed in the 1996 Onedice were just a group of like minded friends that wanted to vent some aggression through our mutual love of extreme music. In a small cramped basement in Bristol (UK) Onedice was born! Originally a five piece they started writing a mix of hardcore, melodic, rap metal that managed to turn a few heads during early shows in their home town of Bristol. After a while they lost one of their guitar players, Darren Barratt and decided to stay as a four piece and that's when the later day Onedice started to take shape. They started...
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Let Me in
Marry Me
Out At Sea
Heart for Sale
Never Gonna Stop
Drive Me to Paris
Roll the Dice Again
Starting a New Life
As If I'm On Drugs
Don't Die Curious
Il Nous Faut (feat. Elisa Tovati)
Only the Beginning
Die Flussfahrt
A Good Day To Die
Die Wölfe kommen...
He Didn't Just Die For You
Die of a Broken Heart (feat. Richelle Nosek)
Vielen Dank für die Blumen (Tom & Jerry)
Il Nous Faut(клип по ван пис)
Il Nous Faut (en duo avec Tom Dice)
Drive Me to Paris
Il Nous Faut
You And I Close Together
♡ Il Nous Faut (you and I) ♡
Il Nous Faut (feat. Elisa Tova
Il Nous Faut (VF)
То, что нам нужно (Il Nous Faut)