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There are at least seven bands named Lazarus. 1) Lazarus began in 2001 as Trevor Montgomery's post-Tarentel solo project, a pilgrimage of either insanity or freedom - or both. 'Songs For an Unborn Sun' was his first release, a minimal and soulful collaboration with longtime friend Marty Anderson (Okay, Dilute). His second release, 'Like Trees We Grow up to be Satellites (The Backwards America)', punched through the whispering darkness into an orchestral declaration of strength, political upheaval, and hope. Recorded by Scott Solter (Okkervil River, The Mountain Goats), it was a playful and rich approach at expressing both failures and...
Damian Lazarus is a DJ, Producer and A&R from the UK. He has released the studio albums Smoke the Monster Out and Message from the Other Side as Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons. Further compilations and singles have been released via City Rockers, Get Physical, Crosstown Rebels, Soma and Fabric. As former Head of A&R for UK based label, City Rockers, Lazarus was responsible for signing and releasing classics like Felix's Silver Screen, Tiga's Sunglasses and Coloursound's Fly With Me. At the end of 2002, City Rockers was voted "Label of the Year" by various music magazine and the...
Lady Lazarus is the solo project of Melissa Ann Sweat, a singer-songwriter, artist, and creative writer from San Jose, Calif. now living in Joshua Tree, known for her enchanting and minimalist songs for mainly voice and piano. Her music touches on dream pop and experimental folk, and has been compared to Cat Power, Smog/Bill Callahan, Joanna Newsom, Grouper, and Daniel Johnston, among others, while nodding to composers like Philip Glass and Erik Satie. Lady Lazarus received breakthrough press in 2011 for her debut album, Mantic, including a 7.8 review from Pitchfork, and praise from Stereogum, Beats Per Minute, the Journal...
Lazarus A.D. is an American thrash metal band that formed in the frozen tundra of southeastern Wisconsin in the spring of 2005. Dan Gapen (guitars/vocals), Jeff Paulick (bass/lead vocals), Alex Lackner (guitars), and Ryan Shutler (drums), redefine the phrase “alcoholism and aggression” in music. They subject metal heads to furious nights of head banging while drinking venues dry. Have no doubts that Lazarus A.D. is a thrash band, but merely in attitude as their sound is no simple throwback to the 80s bay area sound. They breathe a breath of fresh air into modern thrash with intelligent, memorable riffs, mid-tempo...
born in kingston jamaica. original member - lead singer and tenor giutarist of jamaica recording and dance band Byron Lee and the Dragonaires until he migrated to the USA. in the early 70s. - one of the pioneer of the jamaica's ska eras in the 1960s. still performing in the US. Canada and Europe. .
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My Name Is Lazarus
No Limits
All The Way In
Algún Día
Sé Bien
The Loneliness Sounds
Manipulated Souls
Tom Cruse
Diamond in the dark
Lazarus Come Forth (3 Verses) (Accompaniment)
My Name Is Lazarus
Lazarus Kumm Raus
Lazarus' Song
Noodle's List (feat. Mark Hand & Lazarus Hand)
Money & Power (feat. Po Gotti & Lazarus)
Love Is Enuff (feat. Lazarus)
Lazarus (Introduction)
He Raised Poor Lazarus
Lazarus, Come Forth! (Story)
Five Variants Of "dives And Lazarus" - Variant 2
The Raising of Lazarus
Take off Those Rags Lazarus (Vocal Demonstration)
The Soldier's Lament - Lazarus edit
Lazarus Come Out! (Spoken Word)
Still Small Voice(from Lazarus 2005)
Five Variants Of "dives And Lazarus" - Variant 4
Five Variants Of "dives And Lazarus" - Variant 1
Lazarus Goes Back To Work
The Soldier's Lament - Lazarus edit
Five Variants Of "dives And Lazarus" - Variant 3
Aristotle's Lantern - Lazarus edit
Lazarus Come Out (Based on John 11:43)
Five Variants Of "dives And Lazarus" - Variant 5
All Night (feat. Lazarus)
Lazarus Rattle (Bonus Outtake)
Rise O Lazarus (That's the Way)