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Hungary based Martial industrial/neofolk/military folk band. Sturmast plays a unique kind of folk influenced martial industrial music. Far from being an instrumental one-man computer band putting some classical loops and battle sounds together, Sturmast is a collective fronted by Varga Gabor. Here real musicians play real instruments, thus introducing the good old band-feeling to the martial industrial scene. The music contains powerful, eruptive live drums (toms, snare, bass drum), haunting violin and cello, acoustic guitar, and a selection of traditional folk instruments (e.g. kaval, jaw harp). Even the keyboards are "live" recorded in some ways, and a considerable part of...
Found 8 songs, duration: 40:27
Solum Ipsum
Veni Vidi Vici
The Big Play
The Regiment is Departing
For Everyone Circus and Bread!
My Prayer is my Inner Armour
Veni Vidi Vici (2007)