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Bedroom is the moniker for three different artists: 1. the folk-pop project of Albert Aromir from Barcelona. 2. the bedroom-pop / chillwave project of Noah Kittinger from Nashville, TN. 3. the ambient-electronic project of Michael Chau based out of Brooklyn, NY. Signed to the Tranquility Tapes label. 1. BEDROOM (Taken from Bandcamp) Intimista, oníric, líric i crepuscular, Bedroom és el projecte pop-folk de l'il·lustrador Albert Aromir. Amb una veu greu, guitarra de jazz, bateria d'escombretes, fràgils veus femenines, piano, contrabaix i una trompeta, Bedroom ha pogut telonejar a Bill Callahan o Jolie Holland, ha posat música al cinema d'Isabel Coixet...
Zero Bedroom Apartment is an Ambient music and photography side project of John Emanuele, a member of The American Dollar. Name Your Price Downloads of Both EPs Links Below | Zero Bedroom Apartment on Facebook Buy Physical Merchandise Purchase Music on Bandcamp Purchase Music on iTunes View & Purchase Photo Prints .
cruyff in the bedroom formed in Shimokitazawa in 1998, the year Japan made their debut in the World Cup. Their name is a homage to the legendary Dutch football player and coach named Johan Cruyff. The band primarily sticks to playing gigs in the Shimokitazawa area and have found a home at CLUBE Que. They are the main organizers of the "Only Feedback" music events held at the club. They set up their own label, also called "Only Feedback". Their American releases are handled through TONEVENDER, and European releases are handled through 1970 RECORDINGS. cruyff in the bedroom are heavily...
When the Black Anger crew is pared down to DJ Sayeed and Kendu, they function as Bedroom Produksionz, knocking out the hits, hip hop pure and direct from their Tacoma lair. This is presented in conjunction with their own DU4SELF label. They also have thier own label DU4SELF which has been releasing thier material in collaboration with K Records. .
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in motion
Bedroom Eyes
Night Rain Hitting a Bedroom Window
Panic in the Bedroom
Bedroom Vocal (feat. Relinory)
Back To The Bedroom
In the Bedroom (Intro)
Bedroom Floor
Jazz Bedroom Beats
Bedroom Floor
Jazz Bedroom Beats
Bedroom Blues
More than dreams for us
Bedroom Window (Live)
Bedroom Mood
Gbedu in My Bedroom
Kids in Bedroom
(In The Bedroom)
Bedroom Songs & Old Memories
T.B.C. (The Bedroom Caller)
Relaxing Rain Hitting a Bedroom Window
I Don't Want No Stranger in My Bedroom
En Suite Bedroom Suite
The Bedroom You Grew Up In
The Calm in My Bedroom
Bedroom Box Fan With Gentle Rain
Monsters in the Bedroom
Stairway to My Bedroom
Ocean Noises for the Bedroom
Bedroom Eyes (Venetian Red)
A Bop Made From My Bedroom
There's a Jungle in My Bedroom
Harry Potter in My Bedroom
Welcome to Full My Bedroom
Straight Outta My Bedroom
The Look Inside (Bedroom Eyes)
Stairway to My Bedroom
The Dirty Bedroom Medley