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The Schürzenjäger, formerly known as Zillertaler Schürzenjäger, were founded in 1973 and are one of the most successful Austrian bands. Like Slavko Avsenik and his Original Oberkrainer came out of the adjustments of the changed conditions of the media culture. They developed in the course of time from interpreters of traditional music with modern instruments to a band with a repertoire from folk music over Pop music to Rock music. Their first big hit was their "Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch" named interpretation of a traditional folk dance melody. Since then they began to introduce more rock elements, inspired by new drummer Patrick...
Found 18 songs, duration: 57:32
Er ist ein Mohr (Käpt'n Mola)
Das Reich, dass Reich
Da sprach der Neger häuptling aus Uganda
Guten Morgen, Liebe Mohren
Sonderzug Nach Mekka
An Der Nordseeküste
An der Nordseeküste
Er ist ein Mohr (Käpt´n Mola)
Das Reich, Das Reich