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Sexy Zone is a five-member Japanese boy band managed by Johnny & Associates. Sexy Zone was announced as a group in a press conference in September 29, 2011. Johnny & Associates's CEO Johnny Kitagawa said, "The group name came from Michael Jackson's sexiness". The members were revealed to be Kento Nakajima, Fuma Kikuchi, Shori Sato, Sou Matsushima], and Marius Yo. Kitagawa chose the members considering the "sexiness of men". After the press conference, the members appeared in Teigeki Johnnys Imperial Theatre Special "Kis-My-Ft2 with Johnny's Jr.", and premiered their debut song "Sexy Zone", which was subsequently released on November 16,...
O-Zone was a pop group made up of Dan Bălan, Radu Sârbu (aka RadU), and Arsenie Toderaş (aka Arsenium). Originally from Moldova, the band launched in Romania. They mainly play eurodance music and are famous for the single Dragostea Din Tei, a notable summer hit which reached Number 1 in the singles charts of many countries during 2003 and 2004, and Number 3 in the United Kingdom. The follow-up single Despre Tine had similar success across Europe. O-Zone first formed in 2000 and originally included only Bălan and Petru. They enjoyed a brief resurgence in global popularity due to the...
Time Zone was a hip-hop band headed by Afrika Bambaataa. Bambaataa worked with different musicians for each Time Zone project. The first Time Zone single was the 1983 electro song "The Wildstyle" which featured music from a German project called Wunderwerke. Bambaataa was introduced to their music by Rusty Egan of Visage. The song became very popular among break-dancers at the time. In 1984, Time Zone released their most well-known single, "World Destruction". A collaboration between Bambaataa, Public Image Ltd. leader John Lydon, and producer/bassist Bill Laswell, this single is the first real rapcore song; predating Run-DMC & Aerosmith's "Walk...
There are several bands/acts know by this name: 1) Ozone - 70s Motown funk band 2) Ozone - Swedish DJ/producer Jepzer Söderlund 3) O-zone - Romanian dance group and also O-zone is pseudonym of Patrick de Meyer 4) Ozone - American 70's/80's funk band 5) Ozone - Brazilian Hard'n'Heavy all-girl rock group 6) Ozone - Pseudonym of psytrance producer Andrew Ostroff from Melbourne, Australia "Ozone" was a funk band signed to Motown. The band was formed in 1977 and backed up soul diva Teena Marie while releasing albums of mediocre success. They were disbanded after their last album Glasses, which...
There are at least two acts under the name Boyzone: 1) Boyzone are an Irish boy band. Their most famous line-up was composed of Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, and Shane Lynch. Boyzone have had 21 singles in the top 40 UK charts and 22 singles in the Irish charts. The group have had 6 UK number one singles and 9 number one singles in Ireland with 12 of their 24 singles in the UK being in the UK Top 2. Boyzone are one of the most successful bands in Ireland and the United Kingdom. In total,...
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Sexy lounge - Musique érotique
I Hear You Everywhere
Relaxing Sexy Chill Vibes
Sexy Summerに雪が降る(原曲歌手:Sexy Zone)
Sexy Virtual Reality
Something Sexy
Soft & Sexy
You Sexy Thing
Sexy Dinner
Sexy Lofi Sax
Sexy Smooth Jazz
Sexy Massage
Sexy Exotic
Sexy Late Night Chill Out
Sexy Chill Music
Smooth & Sexy
Sexy Lounge
Sexy Summer
Sexy Zone +1Key(原曲歌手:Sexy Zone)
Sexy Zone +5Key(原曲歌手:Sexy Zone)
Sexy Zone -2Key(原曲歌手:Sexy Zone)
Sexy Zone +4Key(原曲歌手:Sexy Zone)
Sexy Zone +3Key(原曲歌手:Sexy Zone)
Sexy Zone (原曲歌手:Sexy Zone)
Sexy Chill Out Music
Sexy Atmosphere
Smooth and Sexy