1: For people who dont know the DJ's name who put out all our favorite club and techno songs; this tag is for you. 2: Khán giả đã quen xem nhóm này diễn có đôi và những cuộc phỏng vấn thường có mặt cả 2 thành viên là Thúy Uyên và Kỳ Phương. Nhưng dưới đây là cuộc gặp gỡ với riêng Thúy Uyên để nghe cô nói về đồng nghiệp của mình. Uyên biết Phương từ thuở hắn mới 13-14 tuổi. Năm đó, Uyên tập thể dục ở Trung tâm Thể thao quận 1, còn Phương học múa dẻo,...
Technologic were formed in 2002. Ray (back then from Poland, now living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) has first found about Martina's (Austria) existence when he was browsing the Q&A section on the official Pet Shop Boys website. He's found a link to Martina's Mother Universe website. After hearing the songs he's found there, Ray e-mailed Martina; they started mailing each other regularly and discovered they shared the similar music tastes. Martina and Ray started writing songs together very quickly; the chemistry was there, the talent was there, and the amount of inspiration they were to each other was infinite. .......
Technophobia has emerged with a sound that reaches back to the early days of EBM and darkwave, yet continually pushes forward. Using hardware and analog synthesizers, Katie and Stephen use a classic approach of layering, sound manipulation, effect processing, and heavy sampling to create their unique sound. The keystone and defining quality of Technophobia is Katie’s vocals. While being melodic, powerful, and poetic they take a pop centric approach to their song writing setting them apart from most in their genre. Technophobia is a powerful live act. Mixing their strong sound with visuals and lighting they create an atmosphere that...
Techno City is an alias of Marius Percali. .
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Народное техно
Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat Theme)
Techno Party
I'm Techno
Techno Snakes
The Techno
Techno Titan
Techno Theory
Techno Party
Rave Harder Techno Bass
I Wanna Fly with You
Techno For Me
Techno Train
Melodic Techno
Minimal Techno
Techno Mashine
Techno Kiss
Melody Last (Radio Edit)
Techno Crari
Техно хаус
Девочка техно
Angel Arp
Gods House
Remain My Techno