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There are multiple artists with this name, one based in Los Angeles, CA from 2002 to 2007, and one in Japan from 1981 to 1992 and a 1950s New York R&B band 1) The Japanese band (チェッカーズ) was a Japanese pop/rock band famous in the 80s. The band was formed by Toru Takeuchi, the leader and the guitarist, who asked Fumiya Fujii to start a band with him. They made a debut on 21 September 1983 and split up on 31 December 1992. All of their single releases entered top 10 in Japanese charts, many of them making it to...
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I Love you, SAYONARA
Namida No Rikuesuto ~涙のリクエスト~
Song for U.S.A.
Twilight Twist
Twilight Twist
Whispering Bells
Say You'll Still Be There
1.01 ギザギザハートの子守唄
1.03 哀しくてジェラシー
Julia ni heartbreak
1.16 I Love you, SAYONARA
Julia ni Shousin
1.15 NANA
Giza Giza Hatto No Komori Uta
Another Summer
1.08 俺たちのロカビリーナイト
Oh, My Julia
Black Cat
Namida no Request
1.11 神様ヘルプ!
Julia no Shoushin
Without A Song