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There are multiple musicians named Koi: 1) A former punk band from San Jose, CA formed in late 2014. 2) Electronic producer Koi." Released "Maelstrom" and "Beginnings". http://collectivelanguage.bandcamp.com 3) Funkinspired band 4) Progressive rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Unsigned They have a Myspace and an official site: http://www.myspace.com/koichannel http://www.koiband.net/ 5) Steffen Bennemann aka Stalker, a techno producer from Germany, released an Ep under this name called Deaf Torero from Styrax Leaves in 2008. For more information: http://www.myspace.com/koispace http://www.myspace.com/steffenbennemann http://www.steffen-bennemann.com/ There is also a band named Koi in Groningen, The Netherlands that has two albums released so far. More information: http://www.muziekvankoi.nl...
Koit Toome (born 3 January 1979) is an Estonian singer and musical actor. He is one of the best and most popular young singers in Estonia. After nine years of classical piano studies at Tallinn Music School he went to Tallinn Music College to study jazz piano and pop singing in 1994. During his college years he was engaged with a successful pop duo Code One consisting of Koit Toome and Sirli Hiius was formed by the producer Mikk Targo, which had a great run of hits in Estonian music charts wwas to follow until 1998, when the duo split....
Brita Koivunen (31 August 1931 – 12 April 2014) won a singing contest in Helsinki 1954. Her first record was Nainen - mies the same year. 1956 came out her breakthrough record Suklaasydän. It became the second ever gold disc in Finland. Her other known songs are Mamma, tuo mies mua tuijottaa, Käy tanssimaan, Mua lemmitkö vielä oi Kustaa?, Troikka ja Katinka. 1960 she was voted the best singer by the readers of Iskelmä magazine. She was also acting in music films like Suuri sävelparaati and Iskelmäkaruselli pyörii. In the sixties she was in a band Matit ja Maijat alongside...
Throughout 2001 and 2002, Finnish microhouse/experimental techno producer Sami Koivikko released a three-part series of 12" singles for Shitkatapult and a fourth for Festplatten, all of which were received warmly by club DJs. Both Triple R and Tobias Thomas included tracks off these releases for their respective mix albums for Kompakt, which gave Koivikko some additional exposure before his full-length debut for Shitkatapult, 2003's Salmiakki. Though his dark hues have always placed him within the company of Lawrence, Anders Ilar, and Sascha Funke's early singles for Kompakt, Salmiakki was quite different from his prior productions, with thicker rhythms and keyboard...
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Koi Hor Mil Gaya
Koi no Uta
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Koi-no Bakansu
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Koi Nai
Nabila Koi Tumi
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Koi yalen
Koi Koi
I Want You Back
Koi Chirag
Koi Pond
The Koi
koi pond
Koi no Uta (From "TONIKAWA: Tonikaku Kawaii")
Koi 961
Koi Fariyaad
Koi Mere Dil Mein
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Tery Jya Koi Ni Beshaq Mery Sohnya
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