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Quartet from Dominican Republic. .
No Problem is a punk band form Alberta, Canada. Sounds like: A zit exploding in your greasy ear hole. And unicorns mating in a wooded glen with squirrels just watching. Ian-Drums and sledding...he;s really good, Steve-Shredding axe, eater of chips and smoker of darts, Graeme-Axe, vocals, trying really hard but failing so miserably that everyone just points and laughs at the freak, Matt-Bass and Dancing with the household cats. .
The Negro Problem is the brain child of Mark Stewart (aka Stew) and performs an intriguing blend of psychedelic rock, funk, motown r&b, and Bacharach-style pop. The band's name is meant to be ironic, as the music industry doesn't seem to know what to do with a band fronted by a black man that doesn't necessarily perform what gets typically shoehorned as "black music" in the modern segregated music industry. The band tries to harken back to the era of "Jimi Hendrix" and "Sly and the Family Stone", where rock music wasn't just marked as a "white" genre, and lovers...
The Brett Rosenberg Problem, a sort of a ragged vision of Teenage Fanclub and the Replacements doing Jello shots at a bowling alley just south of the Canadian border. Not only did Brett Rosenberg and his band place third in the 2004 WBCN Rock-N-Roll Rumble; the kid opened for John Doe of X and Damien Rice and generally impressed the pants off everyone. From his humble start as a subway busker, he's gone on to tour across the eastern US and the midwest and has released no fewer than five critically acclaimed albums. These days, Rosenberg. 26, finds himself embracing...
O conjunto musical Negroove se utiliza da total abrangência que o seu nome sugere para produzir samba, funk e soul, incrementados com pitadas generosas do universo afro-brasileiro, não só musicalmente falando, como também em suas temáticas. Tocando juntos desde sua estréia em novembro de 2003, a banda recifense toma como influência a estética dos sambistas bambas de qualquer roda, dos bluishmen norte-americanos e suas descendências, a macumba boa da rua de baixo e o tropicalismo. O seu álbum de estréia, entitulado "Eles Não Usam Enê", elenca um track-list dançante, onde a ironia, o bom-humor e a sentimentalidade contextualizam-se em várias...
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