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There are at least 6 artists named Bomber 1. A hardcore punk band from Virginia Beach, Virginia who released a 7inch called "Mourning EP" on Cowabunga! Records. 2. A noise rock project. 3. A high energy Hard Rock band with a sound that is sometimes compared to early Metallica and Alice in chains mixed with the new rock sounds of Bullet for my valentine and Avenged Sevenfold. Without a doubt, Bomber clearly has originality all of its own. There E.P. “out on a limb” was released in March of 2007. Bomber is now finishing up there full length release "Superblinded"...
Fire Bomber is a fictional rock 'n roll band created for the anime series Macross 7 (and related projects such as Macross 7 Trash, Macross 7 Encore, and Macross Dynamite 7). In real life, Fire Bomber's music was performed by Yoshiki Fukuyama (as the singing voice and guitar of Basara), Chie Kajiura (as the singing voice of Mylene), and occasionally by Tomo Sakurai (the acting voice of Mylene). Fictional line-up * Basara Nekki - Guitar and lead vocals * Mylene Flare Jenius - Bass and back vocals * Ray Lovelock - Keyboards * Veffidas Feaze - Drums .
a dubstep artist on Betamorph Recordings and Stupid Fly Records .
There are 2 bands with the name Hospital Bombers: 1) Hospital Bombers is an indiepop band from Amsterdam founded by three former band members from Norma Jean and Susanne Linssen, former member of Seedling. They have been active since 2005. Jan Schenk - guitar and vocals Marc van der Holst - drums Remco Mooijekind - bass (2005 - 2009) Jan Pieter van Weel - bass (2010 - present) Susanne Linssen - violin, keys and vocals In 2007 the band has signed a record deal with Excelsior Recordings. Their first album, titled Footnotes, was presented on December 5th 2007 in Paradiso,...
The Black Tie Bombers are a four-piece punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. .
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Legends Never Die
Back to Back
Give Me Acid
Worked Up
Amongst the Stars
Deranged Sauce Mum
City Built on Bones
Anonymous Donations
Ako Ne Ide Vlak
Bomber Man
Bomber über Bagdad
Bomber Cartel
The Bomber
Bomber Och Barn
Bomber Boyz
Quieren Fayah (feat. Bomber de la Norta)
Elle portait un bomber à paillettes
Dastardly Bomber (From "Super Bomberman R")
My Daddy's Bomber Plane
Oh Donna (Suicide Bomber)
Cazal's & Bomber Jackets
Che fatica la vita da bomber
Teenage Trainee Terrorist Suicide Bomber
Stealth Bomber Puppies
the cough bomber's return
Super Bomber (Radio Edit)
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