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X (later changed to X JAPAN in 1992 to avoid confusion with the American punk band X) is arguably one of the most influential bands in the history of the Japanese music scene. Formed by childhood friends Yoshiki and Toshi in 1982 at Chiba, Japan, X was originally founded to play high energy rock music. Besides being one of the first Japanese acts to achieve mainstream success while on an independent label, the group is widely credited for pioneering the visual kei movement. Their early music was speed metal, but later on they acquired a more symphonic metal sound. The...
There are two artists with the name Made In Japan: an Australian rock band and a Belgian electronic trio. 1. Made In Japan is an indie rock quartet from Sydney, Australia, featuring James Cooney (vocals/drums), Jono Graham (guitar), Tom Davis (guitar) and Pavle Vizintin (bass). 2. Made In Japan is a Brussels based trio featuring producers Billy Palmier and Gusto + singer Vinylic. They released their first EP “Babyspace” on the 25th of September on the Citywurl label with remixes made by Georgia Anne Muldrow, Mitsu the Beats and Cris Prolific. .
Japan Air is a swedish indiepop band from a small town called Kalmar. Members are Viktor, Jim and Michael. Band website: www.myspace.com/jpnair -- There was another artist named Japan Air, a mostly instrumental rock (post-rock?) band from Winston-Salem, NC, USA. They released one CD called "Antarctica Starts Here" in 2002, which is available through CDBaby. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/japanair .
There are three bands with this name: 1. Big in Japan were an influential art punk band that emerged from Liverpool, England in 1977 . They started off playing gigs around Liverpool along with Wah Heat!. The band was well known for its eccentric cast, who would later on become iconoclasts, and their unique, often scandalous stage shows. It was the seed for most of the members going on to pursue further influential projects. 2. a pop rock band from Reno, NV that existed 1999 - 2007. 3. A group of young artists in Ellicott City, MD performing covers in...
Japanese Motors are an alternative rock band which formed in Costa Mesa, California, United States in 2006. They consist of Alex Knost (vocals), Nolan Hall (guitar), Chris Vail (bass) and Andrew Atkinson (drums). Knost is well known as a professional surfer. They are signed to VICE Records. Their self-titled debut album - which includes the single "Single Fins & Safety Pins" - was released on VICE on October 7, 2008. .
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Forever Love +5Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
Forever Love (From X) [Japanese Vocal Version]
사랑하는 사람(from X-JAPAN THOSI)
DRAIN(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:X JAPAN]
DAHLIA(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:X JAPAN]
Rusty Nail +2Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
Dreams (From "Gundam X")
01 - Tears 〜X JAPAN Version〜
Japan (prod. kylejunior x OUHBOY)
X -- Forever Love
Big In Japan Feat. Amelie Martinez
X [The Last Live]
Japan Street Race
Japan - Lil Pump X BigBabyTape - Type Beat
Japan [Новые биты]
Japanese | Type Beat
Dahlia (японский Doom Metal)
From Episode 1: Encounter With Chris
Crusify My Love
Katana (Prod. Lezter)
Silent Jealousy (Live)
Kurenai / The Last Live (1997)
Longing ~切望の夜~
Dry your tears
Forever Love
Tears (Dahlia)
Rose of pain
06 - ENDLESS RAIN (Live)
Art of Life
Art of Life
Crucify my love [PV]
09 - Forever Love (Last Mix)
♫Week end
DAHILA (album 1996)
05 - Tears
20th Century Boy (live take)
Crusify My Love