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There more than one artists with this name: #1 (2009) dj/singer-songwriter of The Internet; #2 (1993) guitarist/programmer in Apparatus N.C. & Liquid Sex Decay; #3 (2002) singer/songwriter; #4 french DJ and electronic disco producer Grégoire Bar. #1) Syd (2009) is an American alternative R&B and neo soul singer-songwriter, record producer, DJ, and audio engineer, of The Internet. She released her debut solo album, Fin, in 2017. #2) Syd (1993) (aka Sydney) is a guitarist/programmer in Apparatus N.C. & Liquid Sex Decay. #3) Syd (2002) is a singer/songwriter from Vermont living in Brooklyn whose love of "indie rock", driving rhythms and...
Jerome Sydenham's illustrious music career took off in the late eighties when he joined the prestigious A & R division at Atlantic Records. During this time Jerome worked with mega stars, ranging from En Vogue to Ten City. His interest in the underground house scene was also burgeoning. In 1995 Sydenham formed the label Ibadan Records and his DJ career went international, producing records and touring with legends Joe Claussell and Kerri Chandler. By the time Sydenham and his imprint Ibadan hit the millennium he was pioneering a fresh soulful tech-house sound with his co-producer Dennis Ferrer, hence the launch...
Sydney Youngblood (born Sydney Ford on December 2, 1960 in San Antonio, Texas) is an American-born German singer who had several successful dance/funk hits during the late 1980's and early 1990's. He had four top 40 hits in the UK and Europe in 1988 and 1989 including "Sit And Wait", "Id Rather Go Blind" and his debut "If Only I Could". "If Only I Could" used the bassline and drumbeat from the Raze house music classic "Break For Love" and reached number three on the charts - a position that would have been higher if not for the outstanding success...
Psydrop is Yoni Salah, age 24. Yoni has a wide musical background from classic to rock, from soul to electro, and often uses elements of 70's psychedelic rock, 80's rock and pop, metal guitar riffs, tribal percussions with live guitars and vocals, all blended into a melting pot of Psy-Trance sounds. Yoni Salah has released 1 album under the alias Hypersonic and 2 albums under the alias Psydrop. .
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English Way
Organized Life
To All of You
End & Start Again
Passe muraille
Hela Syd-342 Lost Message (Not 324)
In Your Town
To All of You
Flow Backwards
Flow Backwards
Lost Bird
End & Start Again
Middle Class Men
English Way
Silent Kenny
The Rainbow Comes
Everybody Think I'm Crazy
I Wait Around (Syd's Pink Wiring System Version)
Crazy (Syd's Pink Wiring System Version)
Do Your Thing (Syd's Pink Wiring System Version)
Syd's Toybox
Biking (feat. Syd Indigo)
Pink (feat. Jesse Oldelli & Syd Indigo)
Animal (feat. Lucky & Syd's Kyd)
Mercur blir Radio Syd
Club Radio Syd
Side On (Syd's Pink Wiring System Version)
Jala (Syd's Pink Wiring System Version)
Universal Minds (Syd & Jim)
Round 3 - Bender - Bender vs Syd Vicious
Nord og syd og øst og vest
Round 2 - Bender - Bender vs Syd Vicious
Improvisation N° 3 "For Syd"
Syd Barret's Living Room
Rosey-toed Computer Man (for Syd Barrett)
Nord og syd og øst og vest
Round 1 - Bender - Bender vs Syd Vicious
Al Stewart Singing Syd Barrett's Bob Dylan's Blues
Double Cloud (Syd & Jim)
Fish (Syd's Pink Wiring System Version)