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from Plaistow, East London. He began MCing when he was in year 7 where he and Griminal formed M.I.C along with Proof, Ruger, Bigwill, and Flamzos. Brutal was also affiliated and once a member of younger N.A.S.T.Y. He is also a member of In Da Hood. Brutal released several promos titled 'school days' vol 1 to 5, a back catalogue of unreleased tunes. He is currently working on a solo mixtape 'Youngest Older', and was going to feature on a joint project with Dot Rotten entitled '10% Effort' .
Brutal Combat is probably one of the first white power bands in France. Founded in Brest, the band sang for the nationalist part of skinhead movement with a radical anti-communist stance. The first album released, by the label Rebelles Européens is a 12 track vinyl entitled Charles Martel (1987). .
Brutal Unrest was formed in the summer of 2002 with the intention of playing brutal Death Metal. After creation of several songs and some further concerts the time was right to record the first demo-album: "No Light No Hope Eternal" was released in early 2006. Following this, Brutal Unrest continued to impress audiences by their live appearances, which always gathered a great response. In 2009 Brutal Unrest signed a deal with Aural Attack Productions and entered the Sounds of Steel Studio to record their second album "Hellcatraz", which has been released on November 6th, 2009. .
Brutal Kuk is a hardcore punk band which has been playing together since year 2000. 5 boys from Inderøy and Trondheim.Gave out the record "if you want cock..."jan 03 , and the Ep "en røyk og en ronk" nov 2000 and "Berusalem" sept.2005 .
Brutality Reigns Supreme is a deathgrind band from the Netherlands. They formed under tha name Sexorcist in 1990 and soon changed their name to Brutality Reigns Supreme (B.R.S) in late 1999. Their style is considered to be a form of hard grindcore and brutal death metal. The band consists of Sijmen (Vocals/Drum Programming), Jan (Guitars/Drum Programming) and Keen (Bass). .
Found 113 songs, duration: 06:12:49
Du bon côté
Haine Et Justice
Etat d'urgence
Passe a l'ouest
Tueurs Fanaiques
Zombie (demo)
Indesirable (Brutal Combat)
Du Bon Cote
J. J. Guillotin
Peril Rouge
Tuers fanatique
Tueurs Fanatiques
Peril Rouge
Skinhead (Brutal Combat cover)
Skinheads (Brutal Combat cover)
Zombie (Brutal Combat Cover)
Rote Pest (Brutal Combat cover)
Reminiszenzen (Brutal Combat cover)
Indesirable (Brutal Combat cover)
♂Brutal ♂Combat ♂
Skinhead (Brutal Combat cover)
Skinhead (Brutal Combat Cover)
Zombie (Brutal Combat)
Brutal Emptiness
(Combat Forever) Brutal Retribution
Combat (Brutal String Rap Beat Mix)
Skinhead (Brutal Combat)
official hooligan (antisocial)
Passe A L'Quest
Péril Rouge
Charles Martel (Live)
B7 Mercenaire
Norte Europe (live)