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Legion88 is a french identity rock band/rock against communism. Some members of the band comes from the band Totenkopf which played Oï! music. In 1986, Legion88 is composed of 5 members : Vico,Jean,Fred,Domi and the lead singer Alain, the previous singer Geno drown into The Loire. Nowadays, this band doesn't exist anymore and this band is forbidden in France because of their racists songs. .
Pulse Legion was formed in 1996 in Hawaii by John Ricker and Samuel P, although within a year they had relocated to Los Angeles and ascquired a third member - Jason DM. Together these three electronic musicians created synthetic dance music at its best, and soon were picked up by COP International Records for the release of their debut recording - 1997's "Evolve". Well received by both fans and press, "Evolve" showed a band at its peak, not a band just starting its recording career. Pulse Legion is graphic evidence that strong electronic dance music need not come from outside...
The Central Band is the premier and flagship band of The Royal British Legion and strive to be making music at the highest level. The band has been going for 62 glorious years, and still has a couple of original members! We play what feels like thousands of gigs a year; everything from the finals at Wimbledon in June, through to Buckingham Palace last year. We've also done the Royal Tournament, the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, and more recently played with the RPO at Central Hall, Westminster. We also do many public concerts too, where you...
Founded in 2000 by songwriter and vocalist William Wilson, Legion Within’s distinctive sound quickly established them among the best of their genre. Having their feet planted firmly in both romantic darkwave and classic industrial, they have shared the stage with compatriots on Projekt Records including Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Voltaire, and Audra, as well as Collide. In creating their third release, The Empty Men, Legion Within have partnered with the production gurus of KMFDM; Jules Hodgson, Steve White and Sascha Konietzko. The Empty Men expresses bleak political sentiment and pulsing industrial beats (“Fascisti”, “Rise”) while retaining their dark...
Vit Legion is a R.A.C band from Västerås, Sweden. Daniel Wretström was the bands drummer before his unprovoked murder in 2000 when a gang of immigrants brutally assaulted and murdered Daniel. Daniels murder attracted alot of media attention and is still today seen as one of the most important victims of anti-Swedish racism. Several Swedish and international bands (including White Legion themselves) have written songs in Daniels memory. The band released two albums with Midgård Records, the first in 2003 and the second in 2005. In 2009 the band released their third album with Nordvind Records. .
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Vaincre (Legion 88)
Leon Degrelle (Legion 88 cover)
Légion 88
American Legion Post 88
American Legion Post 88
Rudolf Hess
etre un nazi
Legion Blance(Legion 88 cover)
J'Avais Un Kamarade
Légion Blanche
Demo Song
Thule (Legion 88 cover)
Legion 88
Konkwista 88 - Nacidos para la gloria - Legion
Legion 88
Demo Song
Legion 88
Vaincre (from Legion 88)
Legion 88
Enfin Levé
We'll Overcome (Legion 88 cover)
La Race des Seigneurs
Enfin Leve
Terrorismo de estado (Terroristes - Legion 88)
Rêve De Gloire
Legion Blanche
Skinhead (Live)
Legion Blanche [1984-87, 2000]
We'll Overcome (Legion 88 Cover)
Rudolf Hess
Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer (live)
Enfin Levé
Conquereant de L' Europe (Live)
L' accident (Live)
Legion Blanche
Legion 88 (Live RAC Fest Halesworth 25.04.1987)
We Fight the System (Légion 88 cover)
Légion blanche (Légion 88 cover)
Thulé (Légion 88 Cover)
06 - Banqueros Usureros [Legión Negra Cover]
Javais Un Kamerad (Legion 88 cover)
Vaincre (Legion 88 cover)
Terroristes (Legion 88 cover)
Vaincre (Legion Francaise)