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Sean Paul Joseph (born May 7, 1979) known by his stage name Sean P (formerly Sean Paul), is an American rapper and one half (with J-Bo) of the group YoungBloodZ. Born in Decatur, Georgia, Sean P has performed, without J-Bo, on various singles by other artists. He is currently signed to LaFace Records. .
Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, (born March 25, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan), better known by his stage name Big Sean, is an American rapper signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music and Island Def Jam. In 2005 he met West at a radio station, and after being impressed with Sean's obvious talents he signed him in 2007. So far he has released three mixtapes, 2007's Finally Famous, 2009's UKnowBigSean, and 2010's BIG. His debut album, Finally Famous, was released in June 2011 and featured guest appearances from hip hop superstars Kanye West, Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams, The-Dream, Wiz Khalifa, and Lupe Fiasco....
John Winston Ono Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) was an English musician, singer, songwriter, and peace activist, born in Liverpool, UK who gained worldwide fame as a founding member of The Beatles. With Paul McCartney, Lennon formed one of the most influential and successful songwriting partnerships of the 20th century and "wrote some of the most popular music in rock and roll history". He is ranked the second most successful songwriter in UK singles chart history after Paul McCartney. Lennon revealed a rebellious nature, and biting wit, in his music, on film, in books, and at press...
According to NY-born, Switzerland-based trance man Sean Tyas, the electronic storm over the US Billboard Charts won't influence the music he makes one iota; he does, however, find it extremely encouraging. As main players of the scene jump ship to collaborate with artists Simon Cowell probably still has wet dreams about having discovered, Tyas' game-plan is to continue doing his own thing and wait for the kids to follow, as minds across the super-nation yield to electronic styles travelling from across the Atlantic. “In America, if you look at the average of people at dance music festivals, it's clear kids...
Hailing from East Palo Alto, California, Sean T (born Sean Thompson) started out as a DJ in 1989. By 1992, he was producing and rapping. He released his first solo album "Straight From the Streets" in 1993, then followed up with "Pimp Lyrics & Dollar Signs" in 1996, "Heated" in 2000, "Can I Shine?" in 2001, "Familiar Ground" in 2002, "Terrain Boss" in 2003, and "Ain't Playin" in 2005. Sean T has been a part of nearly 300 professional music projects and is one of the mainstays in Bay Area hip-hop. .
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