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There are multiple artists named Perfume: 1) Perfume is a three-girl j-pop / electro-pop group from Hiroshima, Japan who debuted locally in 2001 and nationally in 2005. In 2001, three 11-12 year old girls from an Artist School formed a group together in their hometown of Hiroshima primarily consisting of Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka), Ayaka Nishiwaki (A-Chan) and Yūka Kawashima ("Kawayuka"). Because all three members had the Japanese character (香) for fragrance in their names, they named the group Perfume. Kawayuka soon left the group to pursue her studies and Ayano Omoto ("Nocchi") took her place, invited by A-Chan. In 2002,...
Perfume Tree were originally a group of disc jockeys from Vancouver (Canada) who used to perform live shows at the border between Throbbing Gristle's industrial music, dub and hip hop. The core of Pete Lutwyche (samples, guitar, beats), Jane Tilley (vocals, guitar) and Bruce Turpin (mix, samples) got together in 1991 and coined the moniker Perfume Tree. Bell Jar, on the cassette album Dust (Zulu, 1992), and the EP Remote (Zulu, 1993) established their credentials, expanding gradually from a "rockier" song format to a "freer" trance-oriented format that also borrows from hip hop, dub and electronica. The album delivers an...
Mike Hadreas, also known as Perfume Genius is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington, US. Perfume Genius began when he moved from New York to his mother's home in Everett, WA. In these relatively isolated conditions, Hadreas felt a compulsion to make music and began composing fragile yet brutally honest songs on the piano. By 2008 he had set up a MySpace page and began offering his music there, along with similarly spare and evocative homemade music videos. Turnstile released the single Mr. Peterson -- the tale of a suicidal, pedophile high-school teacher -- in 2009. Perfume Genius' full-length debut, Learning,...
Perfume Advert is the pairing of Tom Brown and Aaron Turner, a duo based in Middlesbrough, UK. Their debut release Tulpa dropped on 1080p in November 2013. Brown and Turner have also teamed up with Michael McGregor (aka Meadowlands, M/M) to form ATM. .
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Spinning World
Electro World アルバムミックス Perfume
electro world (speed up)
Chanel Perfume
Electro World (nightcore)
Fushizen Na Girl [DJ Amaya VS Grooverbot Remix]
01 - Perfume
Perfume Drinking
Electro World (slowed & reverb)
Good Ones (Perfume Genius Remix)
Color Perfume - Iro Kousui (From "Horimiya")
シークレットメッセージ (Secret Message)
Electro World
Perfume Exótico
Spinning World (radio ver.)
I Would Set Zero To This Planet
Braid (mmph Remix) [EP:Reshaped-2018]
Nee (Music Box Version) [Ксилофон]
So Far Away
One Question to Todorenko
Wynn - You Resemble You (널 닮은 너)
Plastic Smile (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
Love perfume
Rusty Chains