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1. You may prefer to use 유카리 as your artist tag. Yukari also is a Korean indie electronic artist, active since 2012. 2. Yukari -- vocalist and leader of japanese visual kei band Baiser (1991-2001) and Endorphine (disbanded in 2001) Yukaris activities nowadays is being the producer of the band Rentrer en Soi. .
Karin Park is a new name to many outside of Scandinavia, while at home Karin has already picked up two Norwegian Grammy’s and recently supported Azari & III and SBTRKT on their European tour dates. ‘Restless’ is a dark hooky killer-chorus track, full of Karin’s signature moody electronica sound. With a modern experimental 80’s pop feel and Karin’s unique spell-binding vocal, ‘Restless’ is a massive driving electro-pop track, industrial yet with a commercial edge it crosses the brooding electronic landscape into the mainstream arena. Karin has already earned specialist support from the likes Zane Low, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Rob...
Kari Bremnes is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. Her music is varying from traditional norwegian to typical singer songwriter songs, she also plays alot of jazz music and simplistic pop. She comes from a well known norwegian musican family especially her brothers Lars and Ola Bremnes. The three siblings have made a couple of records together, the album Soløye is the most famous of these. .
There are two Karims. One is Karim Lamouri, a long-standing hard house dj/producer, well known on the global hard dance scene. The other is a rapper from Eastern Europe. .
There are more artists who go by this moniker. The most popular appears to be the Italian singer Karima. 1.Italian singer Karima. Her most recent release is a cover album of Burt Bacharach covers. 2.Karima Lemghari is a dutch R&B singer who started her carreer in the group Dignity who had hits with 'Talk With Me' & 'The Right Guy'. she released her debutalbum which is sang in dutch 'Belofte' in 2008, featuring the singles 'Wil voor je gaan' & 'Hold On Sister'. .
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Byssan Lull
Byssan Lull (Kari Bremnes)
Sulli Lulli Lillebror / Krеka Satt Pе Garitind
Beskyttelse (2016 versjon)
This Never Ending Night
A Lover In Berlin
Å kunne Æ skrive
Bestandig elska høsten
Birds are like words
The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor RMX)
Ewun & Spor - We Dominate
Alla Vill Till Himmelen Men Ingen Vill Do
Sangen Om Motet Med Fjellet
Sangen Om Ka Ho Anna Dromte Om
Egentlig En Danser
Det Sandeste
Без названия
Per Og Pal Og Janus
Trist når du får tænkt dæ om
Stjernelause Dogn
Mann pa rommet
Mote I Verdensrommet
Trist når du får tenkt dæ om
En Stemme I Athen
Sangen Som Song I Oss Alle
Bestandig Elska Hosten
Sangen Om Halstorkleet Som Va Gjenglemt
Med Sin Nydelige Kone (Instrumental)
Ya Lel Ma Atwalak - This Never Ending Night
Sov du eller
A kunne ae skrive
Sulli Lulli Lillebror / Kråka Satt På Garitind