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Kraschau was built upon the ruins of Adam Berces’ prevous martial-neofolk project, Durch Heer und Kraft. The debut album was released on February 2012 titled Offenbarung (Revelation) by the coproduction of the argentinian label Twilight Records and the spanish label Gradual Hate. The aim of this new project is to create quality, live sounding neoclassical/symphonic music with the strictness of martial rhythms and with the power of industrial sounds. He was trained as a classical musician, (on trumpet and trombone) that’s why brass instruments has a big role in Kraschau’s music. It also incorporates various collected speeches, which are not...
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UNITAS (album preview)
Szomjas Lelkünk Kardja - Sword
Csonkolt Gyónás - Mutilated Confession
Csonkolt Gyónás - Truncated Confession