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Novelist Barry Eisler states - "Toku, Japanese Flugelhorn player and vocalist with an assured baritone voice, and a terrific performer - at the Tokyo Live houses Toku packs them in." .
Helsingin Varuskuntasoittokunta is a Finnish military band, founded in 1819. It is one of the oldest professional bands in Finland. .
Born in 1976 and resides in Tokyo. His production forte is to produce high quality, four-to-the floor which is tight and moreover groovy, with an element of speed. In 1998, he started DJing techno as well as producing minimal techno. In 2000, having seen the limit of production capacities of the combination of his own written C language software and AKAI MPC2000, he met up with the music programming software, Max/MSP. In the following year, he fully started production with Max/MSP. At the same time, he started programming his own software within the Max/MSP. In the same year, he released... Raatokuoppa is a finnish punk based band that doesn't limit its creativity with any musical genre. Musical perversions combined with shameless outspoken lyrics about society and current affairs are the foundation of Raatokuoppa. First Raatokuoppa release was Pahoinvointivaltio EP (2008) which was entirely self-made. Kaikki Hyvin EP (2010) is Raatokuoppa's second release that consists of six versatile songs about western world's defects. Raatokuoppa is: Mika Mäki-Petäjä - Guitar, vocals Jouni Alho - Bass, vocals Karri Kallio - Drums .
Found 181 songs, duration: 11:11:50
Toku son
Toku Tiare
Toku ati
Toku Karakia
Tik Toku Partdatmışam
Tōku Wairua Tūturu Nei
Aratika Toku Kaina
Toku E Ikitai
Tuvalu Toku Fenua
Hridoyer Sob Toku
Ella Tiene Flow
Fakalofaaga O Toku Tino
Tenei Toku Ure
Toku penua
Toku Tiare
Māku Tōku Nei Whare Hei Hanga
Chhori Toku Dil Su Chave
Toku Fenua
Toku Motu Hiohio
Toku Apne Sajan Bnaungi
Naunauga O Toku Loto
I Aue Toku Ate
Toku Ate Vahine
Toku Aereanga
Toku Roimata
Pata Toku Ou
Mareka Toku Ngakau
Toku Henua Tongareva
Toku Meangitianga
Manotini Toku Inangaro
Toku Ate Inangaro
Tongareva Toku Pito
Haere Taua Na Ngake / You Too Late / E Maki Toku
Angera No Toku Ngakau
Ka Tau Toku Mauri