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Roberto Carlos (born April 19, 1943 in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Espírito Santo, Brazil) initiated a major revolution of customs in Brazil in the '60s. Reaching success in a period coinciding with the youth movement started by the The Beatles that was taking over the world, Carlos was the leader of Jovem Guarda ("Young Guard") . He led the TV show that became a generic denomination of a musical style and what was a definitive change of face to the Brazilian phonographic market and of the very art of marketing itself (with the advent of an aggressive merchandising of the JG's...
Roberto Aussel is a classical guitarist from Argentina (b. La Plata, Argentina, 1954). He is now based in Cologne, Germany, where he is professor at the Hochschule für Musik. .
Roberto Angleró Pepín (September 12, 1929 – April 29, 2018) was a Puerto Rican music composer and singer, notable for writing various hit songs in the bolero, salsa and Afro-Puerto Rican music genres. He is known for having written various major Spanish language music singles such as "La Pared", "Si Dios fuera negro", "La boda de ella", "Soy Boricua" and others. Angleró was born in Fajardo, on Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. His father Juan, an itinerant carpenter, was originally from Maricao, on the western side of the island; his mother Carmen was a seamstress. Always moving where work was available,...
Born in San Diego, Roberto Tapia was the son of parents who had relocated from Sinaloa, Mexico. At eleven years of age, the future musician entered Difocur, a prestigious music school where he studied clarinet. While mastering the clarinet, Tapia was still reluctant to showcase his talents. But after coaxing from friend and family, Tapia began performing at various dancehalls and receptions. At 17, he made his professional debut in Tijuana, Mexico alongside the Lobito de Sinaloa. In 2001, Tapia began assembling musicians for his debut album. Mixing Latin rhythms with touches of hip-hop and electronica, Tapia released his self-titled...
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Y Mañana Me Caso Contigo
El Amarrao
Sabor a Mi
Dos Almas
Baila Conmigo
El Mundo
Suena Tu Bongó
Suena Tu Bongo
Yo Bailo Con Ella
Rumba de Cuba
La Tumba Brava
Tu Mi Adoracion
Escucha mi ritmo
Dueña de Mi Corazon
Suena Tu Bonga
Yo Bailo Con Ella
Rumba Pa' los Rumberos
Una Mentira Piadosa
Mientras la Vida Pasa
El Gallo Espuelerico
Sabroso Como el Guarapo
Suena Tu Bongo
Si Me Compriendas
A Romper el Coco
Algun Dia Volveras
Que Puedo Hacer
A Gozar Cubita
Oriente Cuna Florida
Pínchame Con Tenedor
Ya No Me Quieres
Perdon y Olvido
Oriente Cuna Florida
Para Gozar Cubita
Te Recuerdo En El Alma
Si Me Pudieras Querer