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Marianne, pop singer from Mexico that released 3 albums under Sony Music. Although never achieving a proper hit per say, her most famous song is "Enciendo Una Vela" that was used on Mexican Television for various public service announcements as the song speaks of world peace. .
Marianne Rosenberg (b. March 10, 1955 Berlin) is a German Schlager music singer and songwriter. She is the fifth of seven children by Auschwitz survivor Otto Rosenberg, who was part Roma, and recorded her first song, Mr. Paul McCartney, after winning a talent contest at age fourteen. Her major hits include Fremder Mann, Er gehört zu mir (also recorded in English as How Can I Go Now?), Lieder der Nacht and Marleen, all of which were very successful in West Germany in the early and mid-1970s. She also achieved chart success in other European territories including Austria and the Netherlands....
Marianne Faithfull (born 29 December 1946 in London) is an English singer-songwriter and actress whose career spans more than four decades. Her early work in pop and rock music in the 1960s was overshadowed by her struggle with drug abuse in the 1970s. After a long commercial absence, she returned late in 1979 with the highly acclaimed album, Broken English. Faithfull's subsequent solo work, often critically-acclaimed, has at times been rather overshadowed by her personal history. From 1966 to 1970, she had a highly-publicised romantic relationship with Rolling Stones' lead singer Mick Jagger. She co-wrote "Sister Morphine", which is featured...
The writer/singer behind The Marianne is David Allen who was half Mexican and half Native American. Allen was a classically trained flamenco guitarist whose long and involved story landed him in the UK. .
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Er gehört zu mir
Le funambule
Déjeuner du matin
In Love Again
Jeu de massacre
Never Good Enough
Cold Nights
Song for Rose
Stubborn Heart
Bonjour Marianne
The Soul of Your Music
The One in Blue
You Know What I Mean
O Lihat Kami Bunda
If I Was Born to Follow
A Crack in the Unknown
Hey Marianne
A Girl Like Me (Alex K Mix)
I Got Some Motivation
Fantasia in A Major
Marianne De Ma Jeunesse
La fée fête fait la fête
How Can I Find You
Marianne, You've Done It Now
أكتب قصة ملك
I Saw Three Ships