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Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Novi (Carolyne Neuman) teamed up with producer/singer/songwriter Lee Miles (Oh My Stars, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Puddle of Mudd, Tickle Me Pink, etc…) to create an original sound that mirrored her unique personality. “Though it’s definitely an eclectic mix of music, it follows the rules of the unwritten book of songwriting. We worked together and found a “muse”-esque energy in each other that speaks through the EP.” -Carolyne Neuman They co-wrote a dozen songs and hand picked six to record for a debut EP. “Now I’m Here” was recorded in Neuman’s bedroom, after which the...
Novita Dewi Marpaung is an Indonesian female vocalist who rose the fame as the first runner up of Indonesian The X Factor. .
Novisad is a performance name for the person artist Kristian Peters. Since the winter of 1993/94 Kristian is actively making music. He currently describes it as Andere Musik (in rememberance of Neue Musik) which means that his music always sounds different as you would imagine. .
Novi Fosili (trans. "the new fossils") was a Croatian pop band, and a household icon in former Yugoslavia. The group was formed in Zagreb in 1969. However, their first successes came in 1976 when the composer Rajko Dujmić joined the band. That same year Novi Fosili played at the Split music festival, where their song Diridonda soon became a hit throughout the country. Their next several albums sold millions of copies and delivered many hits that are still aired on radios in Croatia today. The first female singer was Đurđica Barlović, in 1984 replaced by Sanja Doležal. The group's male...
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Još Te Volim
Budi uvijek blizu
Najdraže Moje
Hoću Li Znati
Desert Rose
Za Dobra Stara Vremena
Ніхто Крім Нас
Još te volim
Moj prijatelj anu ljubi
Za Dobra Stara Vremena
Pričaj Mi O Ljubavi
Source audio Francisco López
Megamix 2005
Ja sam šef
Source audio Daniel Menche
Još te volim
Gdy Się Chrystus Rodzi
Pamiętasz, była jesień
Secret Life
I Don't Know
Alice in Wonderland
A Foggy Day in London Town
Apartment Under the Rood
Satin Doll
Lil' Darling
Muzyka Polskiego Renesansu
The Second Side
Oj, Pastiri, Čujte Novi Glas