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1. Stray Bullets: Reggae/Punk Act out of Boston. Jon Cauztic the lead singer is now in a band called the Have Nots with members of the band Chicago Typewriter. 2. Stray Bullets: Punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Self released a 7-song demo, followed by a self titled 7" on Doing It For The Kids. .
There are three bands called The Bullets. One is from Greece; the other is a from the UK, an offshoot of the 90s power pop band Silver Sun, the third one is early reggae/soul band from L.A., a new flavor from The Aggrolites' organist Roger Rivas. "Sweet Misery" is their debut album on jump up records . The Bullets from Greece were formed in 1988, at the East side of Thessaloniki. That season was ideal for rockabilly fans. There were many groups and gangs, clubs and gigs. But the times are changing, and the greatest part of that rockin crowd...
Magic Bullets is a pop band from San Francisco, California. Magic Bullets formed in San Francisco, California in 2004 with musicians primarily hailing from the Bay area who had spent most of their musically formative years playing with or alongside one another in various punk rock outfits. Vocalist Philip Benson and guitarist and primary songwriter Cunningham first met in 2000 and later played together in The Cosmos (a musical project of Cunningham's which released a split 7" on England's Becalmed Records with soon-to-be Words On Music artist Lorna in 2001). After a few years Cunningham and Benson called upon friends...
12 Dirty Bullets are a young band from west London who are currently taking the London bar & club scene by storm. Their songs reflect what's going on in their lives, delivered with passion and power. .
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