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Kontra K is an underground german rapper. Characterised by his rough voice and realistic lyrics, he defines himself as "an example but not a role model". Once he was signed on Kaisa's Hell Raisa Records. Kontra K and KiezSpezial released the mixtape "Fight Club Vol.1" there in 2008 as Vollkontakt. Following the closure of Hell Raisa Records in 2010, he and his partner Skinny Al (also a former Hell Raisa artist), founded "DePeKa Records" where they released „Ein Herz aus Chrom“ EP and Kontra K's first solo album „Dobermann“. His latest solo effort - dubstep mixtape "Electrosmog" was released on...
There are several bands called KONTRA 1. Kontra was a Finnish rock band in the late 1970’s. The band’s lead personality and lead vocalist was (Mauri) Moog Konttinen. Their biggest hit is Jerry Cotton which is a Finnish version of the Kinks song Jack the Idiot Dunce. 2. MC/Beatmaker from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Been in the game since 2003 and still goin' strong! If a beat gets stuck in ya brain and u wanna spit some lyrics on it contact him at [email protected] or add him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kontraofficialpage He's done a lot of beats for acts such as...
Chłopcy Kontra Basia is a Polish trio from Kraków, playing alternative / folk / jazz music. Their main instruments are contrabass, percussion and clarinet, but sometimes they also use piano, beatbox and whatever they need to bring original atmosphere into their music. The members are Barbara Derlek aka Basia (vocals, clarinet), Marcin Nenko (contrabass) and Tomasz Waldowski (percussion, piano). The band debuted in April, 2010 and immediately took second place in Polish ethnic festival "New tradition". .
1.NDW-Band releasing a 7" called Zukunft in 1982 on the Ariola-Lable. 2.Kontrast - french hip hop band 3. Kontrast is a Czech oi/punk band 4.KONTRAST - this name is the band's reputation: For more than a decade, the four sound fiddlers have looked at the dark scene with a twinkle in their eyes. Back in 1996, when they still called themselves ISECS, they already created a true independent classic with their song «Einheitsschritt - 3 Schritte vor und 3 zurück» («Uniform Dance - 3 Steps Forwards And 3 Steps Back») which still belongs to the standard repertoire of every dark...
There are 3 bands with this name; 1st in Sweden, 2nd in the U.K. & the 3rd in Denmark... 1:Kontraband was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden early 2005 by Peter Hageus (vocals, guitar) and Daniel Mars (machines). The ambition was to combine the raw energy and spontaneity of a live rock band with the groove and hypnotic feel of programmed, machine-based music. The songs and lyrics drew inspiration from swedish post-punk, as well as more primal offerings. The primary target was always the stage, and Jörgen Oscarsson joined on bass and backing vocals in spring 2005. A live guitarist was recently...
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