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Katie Malco plays a right-handed guitar upside down but this shouldn't worry you. You could watch her play a set here: http://www.beatcast.tv/video/katie-malco .
Singer/songwriter Katie Thompson released her debut album, Tall Poppy in 2009. Since then her career has flourished under the bright lights of the international music funding site Sellaband, making her one of the fastest-ever artists to reach the $US50,000 level needed to record and release an album – and all contributed by people who love her music. That new album is Impossible, with the first single, Good As Gold, scheduled for release in January 2011. Produced in the UK at Modern World Studios by renowned British producer, Greg Haver, the album is a treasure-trove of rare and beautiful songs which...
Malcolm Dalglish (born August 14, 1952) is an American hammered dulcimer player and builder, composer, and choral director. A virtuoso performer on the hammer dulcimer, he is a former member of the folk/Celtic trio Metamora and has performed frequently with the percussionist Glen Velez. In addition to the dulcimer, Dalglish also plays the spoons and bones (both traditional American percussion instruments). He also composes prolifically for choir, and many of his compositions are for choir with dulcimer accompaniment. He has received more than 50 commissions to compose for choirs around the world. He played the hammered dulcimer in the score...
Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren (22 January 1946 – 8 April 2010). In the late '60's he started designing clothes and in 1972 he opened a boutique in London with his girlfriend, Vivienne Westwood. In 1975, Malcolm started a band which became arguably one of the best punk bands in history, The Sex Pistols. Malcolm became their manager. In the 80's, after the Sex Pistols broke up, Malcolm became the manager of another band, Adam and the Ants. When Adam Ant left the band, Malcolm asked the 14 year old Annabella Lwin if she wanted to join the band and Bow...
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Sad Eyes
Night Avenger
Laa Dee Daa
The First Snow
The First Snow
Get in the Car
Florence Nightingale's House
Be Good at Christmas
Sad Eyes
Wake Up and Fight
Let's Go to War