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FOREMOST POETS aka "jOHNNYDANGEROUs" Noble John Ali {Birthname - John Holiday} WWW.FOREMOSTPOETS.NET He has been reshaping Dance, Funk and the spoken word. Philadelphia born in 1970, USA, Raised in New Jersey, he relocated back to Philadelphia in 2007 to assist in a community project called The Arts Garage, which is well known for it's community events, plays, shows & activism. Today, this "FUNK MASTER" continues to innovate while releasing collaborations as well as some of his unreleased remixed re-touches of Rick James, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Enya, Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, The Peech Boys, San Ilya, Outkast, Jazmina &...
Αντώνης Ρέμος Antonis Remos was born in Düsseldorf, Germany. He stayed there until the age of 10, and in 1980 settled permanently in Greece. From the age of 15 he lived in Thessaloniki, where he finished high school. During his school years, he was involved with music, and he is a self-taught guitarist. In Easter '95 he performed in Athens for the first time, while in Thessaloniki had carved his own course, with Dimitris Mitropanos, Stephanos Korkolis, and Marios Tokas in “Diogenis Palace." The same year he signed with Sony Music and is orientated with the assistance of the producer...
Ψαραντώνης {Psarantonis} (b. 1939) is a Cretan musician. Born in the village of Anogia in Rethimnon, Crete, he started learning to play the lyre when he was nine years old. At the age of thirteen, he played at his first wedding reception in Sisarha. In 1964, he recorded his first album, Eskeftika na s’arnitho”, consisting of his own compositions and lyrics inspired by his childhood. This was followed by many other albums. From 1980 and on, Psarantonis continues to record albums while performing around the world. .
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Na M' Agapas
Einai Stigmes
Spasmena Kommatia Tis Kardias
Min Xanarthis
Dio Psemmata
Terma I Istoria
Ta Savvata
Mehri To Telos Tou Kosmou
Vrexe Ourane Egoismo
O Kathenas Monahos Tou
Olos Dikos Sou
I Agapi Erhete Sto Telos
Mia I Kamia
Edo Kai Tora
I Zoi Allios
Ma Den Einai Arketo
Otan Eisai Edo
Tora Epizo
H Nixta Dio Kommatia
Ola Ta Dakria
Min Xanarthis
Mexri To Telos Tou Kosmou
Den Katafera
Feggaria Hartina
Ftanei Pou Ksero
Kane Na Fugeis
Na M' Agapas
Feggaria Hartina
Ola Pernoun
Kleista Ta Stomata
Apo To Xtes Sto Simera
Ela Na Me Teliosis
Mexri To Telos Tou Kosmou
Terma I Istoria
Xronia Polla
Min Xanartheis
Feggaria Xartina
Sti Strofi Tou Xorismou
I Kardia Me Pigainei Emena