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Since Carel Kraayenhof created Sexteto Canyengue in 1988, they became one of the trendsetting tango representatives in Europe. Thanks to the respect and help from the famous tangueros like Astor Piazolla and Osvaldo Pugliese, the love for the Argentines and their tango and the passion to make this music, Sexteto Canyengue is respected all over the world. With the six members of Sexteto Canyengue, dancers and special guests from Argentina the unique sounds of an orquesta tipica - the big band tango tradition from the 40-ties - comes alive. The passion for the tango from all the musicians in one...
Many musicologists consider this band as the most genuine exponent of the Cuban Son as well as one of the greatest interpreters of traditional Cuban music. At the beginning, when the band was formed in 1920 'septeto' was in truth a 'sexteto'. The group was formed by Guillermo Castillo, Felipe Nery Cabrera and Gerardo Martinez. Current leader, German Pedro Ibanez says that the only difference in their present music is that now they have microphones :) In 1927 the Habanero were the first ones to incorporate brass into their lineup, when their trumpeter, Enrique Hernandez, joined the band (making it...
Sexteto Habanero In the early 20th Century, three Cuban musicians created the Oriental Trío to play folklore music from the western part of the island. The trio later added members, changed its name to Sexteto Habanero, and was the first and most influential son player, a vivid Afro-Hispanic fusion of musical styles. The son is made up of two stylistic levels. The first level (of African origin) is the rumba rhythm over which a variety of percussionists improvise. The second level (of Spanish origin) is provided by combination of three-stringed guitars known as the tres and an improvised bass. The...
When six senior citizens, who just happen to be the six most accomplished soloists in Buenos Aires, decide to sit down together and roll up their sleeves – something’s in the wind. And in this case, their sparkling, up-beat arrangements of classical tango pieces stemming from the first three decades of this century are anything but nostalgic. Bandoneon and violin dominate the foreground to trace the powerful and rhythmic outline of one exceptionally sexy dance! Their music downplays the abrupt and studied movements we’ve come to associate with its contemporary performance – to trickle down to the hot and steamy...
Sexteto Milonguero is a tango group formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2006. The band is composed of violinists Marisol Canessa and Mariano Laplume, accordionists Mauricio Jost and Diego Braconi, pianist Gervasio Ledesma, bassist Cristian Sepúlveda and singer Javier Di Ciriaco. .
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Papa Montero
De Mi Cubista Es El Mango
Come esta Miguel
Revive la Ilusion
Lo Loma de Belén
Tribilin cantore
TRIBILIN CANTO (@art.latina)
Elena La Cumbanchera - Son
Esas No Son Cubanas
Elena La Cumbanchera
Amparo [Out of Cuba, 1928 - 1953]
No Juegues Con Los Santos
Amparo - Sexteto Habanero
El Bongo Del Habanero