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The German progressive rock band Saris was found in 1981 by Derk Akkermann. Between 1982 and 1983 they toured through Germany and performed successful their neo-progressive-melodic-hard-rock. During the tour the first Single Out Of Your Night was recorded. With a new lead singer Martin Gellhaus and new keyboarder Stefan Kremer, SARIS recorded their first Album Dead End Street in 1991 and started a tour through Germany. Tired of touring, the bass player and drummer left. The search for a new rhythm section was disappointing, but in May 1998 Achim Schmidt and Lutz Guenther entered the Studio. Bass and drums seemed... Sarissa formed at the end of 1985 as a classic heavy metal band in Macedonia, Greece. It was the beginning of a long journey that led them to be a cult band in the Hellenic scene. The band released their debut album "1987" of the same year, an album that has been marked as the trademark of the band in their early days and remains as a classic so far. This album will almost sign the band to the famous Noise Records. 6 years later, the band will release their self-titled album making an impact and a breakthrough never...
Cyprien Katsaris, the French-Cypriot pianist and composer, was born on May 5 th 1951 in Marseilles. He first began to play the piano at the age of four, in Cameroon where he spent his childhood. His first teacher was Marie-Gabrielle Louwerse. A graduate of the Paris Conservatoire where he studied piano with Aline van Barentzen and Monique de la Bruchollerie (piano First Prize, 1969), as well as chamber music with René Leroy and Jean Hubeau (First Prize, 1970), he won the International Young Interpreters Rostrum-Unesco (Bratislava 1977), the First Prize in the International Cziffra Competition (Versailles 1974) and he was...
Johannes Cesaris (fl. 1406 – 1417) was a French composer of the late Medieval era and early Renaissance. He was one of the composers of the transitional style between the two epochs, and was active at the Burgundian court in the early 15th century. Little is known about his life, excepting the years he was active in Bourges. He was a cleric for the Duke of Berry in Bourges in 1406, and maître des enfants (choirmaster to the boys) at the cathedral there from 1407 to 1409. In 1417 he was probably the organist at Angers cathedral. A Pierre Cesaris,...
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Makaram Sarı Bağlar
Sari Gelin
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K Ko Shaan
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Eghnik es Sari
Sarı Kız
Sari Aghjik
Sari Champen
Sari Champov
Makaram Sarı Bağlar
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Charan Mare Entry To Dole Sari Country
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Sarı Gelin / Erzurum Çarşı Pazar
Sarı Mimozamsın Sen Benim
Madain Sari, Village of the Lost Summoners
Phulbutte sari Parody song
Madain Sari, Village Of The Lost Summoners
Sarı Gelin (feat. Sanem Kalfa)
Radha Ji Ke Binjgaile Sari
Sari Me Phickari Tutal Ba
Jan Mar Dihi Tahar Sari Janlewa
Phul Butte Sari Male
Bhalobasa Hey Kine Dao Ekkhana Sari
The Mountain'S Girl And Baghdaduri. Sari Aghjik
Meri Sakhiya Sari Byah Gayi
Sari Saman Abhi Sajal Ba
Lage Abiriya Sari Saririya Lale
Holi Me Nache Pahiri Balamua Sari
Sari Raat Mein Dhol Bajwaungi
Rang De Saya Sari Choli
Maja Na Awe Sari Ratiya Ho
Dam Başında Sarı Çiçek
Diya Jale Sari Raat (Divali)
Janta Hai Sari Bahan Mayawati Ke Sath
Son Sarı Yaprak Last Yellow Leaf
Tohara Khatir Saya Sari
Lale Ba Sari Lale Ba Saya
Harmana Serdiler Sarı Samanı
Rang De Saya Sari Choli
Sari Sari Raat Satata Hai Yhi ( Reggaeton Mix)